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The information provided on the site is intended to support the professional growth of para-professionals.

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Project Success

Project SUCCESS is launching the following series of online courses for paraprofessionals:

  • Course 1: Overview of Special Education
  • Course 2: Instruction and Standards
  • Course 3: Formative Assessment

Paraprofessionals are an important part of the 21st Century classroom. As a paraprofessional, you can support quality classroom instruction, help maintain a positive learning environment for students, and provide added support for students who need special services. Whether you’re just getting started as a para, or you’ve been serving for many years, these courses are designed to give you practical, universal tips and strategies to be at your best in the classroom including:

  1. Understanding your roles and responsibilities;
  2. Improving communication between you and the classroom teacher;
  3. Giving you tools to help with assessing students;
  4. Joining the classroom teacher is maintaining high expectations for students.

There is no cost, but participants will need to register for Pepper, the online learning community hosting the training. To request course access, fill out this form.

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