Dr. Hardy Murphy currently has a split appointment with IUPUI School of Education and the Center on Education and Lifelong Learning. His work at Indiana University includes training and facilitation focused on culturally responsive practices and issues of disparities in discipline, Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, teacher and principal evaluation and educational equity. In addition to teaching courses, Dr. Murphy is involved in a statewide research project on teacher evaluation. His experiences include 13 years as Superintendent of District 65 in Evanston, IL and 20 years with the Fort Worth Independent School District in Fort Worth, TX. His tenure as Superintendent was marked by a trend of accelerated academic achievement and a narrowing of the achievement gap between students who traditionally do well and those who traditionally struggle; sound fiscal management as acknowledged by the state, bond rating agencies, and others; by ongoing and intensive professional development for teachers; and for initiatives to inspire those at the highest end of the achievement spectrum and motivate those who struggle to succeed. He led his district in developing a professional appraisal system that is the first in Illinois to incorporate student growth measures as part of teacher and administrative evaluations.