Project Info

ICTQ Project Information

This is a five year, federally funded grant awarded to the IDOE. The Indiana Center on Teacher Quality seeks to improve educational outcomes for students with and without disabilities by ensuring their access to a PreK -12 continuum of instruction from high-quality teachers. The project uses Implementation Science as a framework for building capacity at the universal, targeted and intensive levels. At the Universal level, a series of on-line self-guided modules have been developed which focus on Universal Design for Learning (which includes Classroom Management, Educational Neuroscience, Building Relationships and Culturally Sustaining Practices), Co-teaching, and High Support Needs. Targeted support is provided regionally across the state and the intensive work takes place in five high need districts. The district work entails training, facilitation and coaching as well as building district and building leadership. Additionally, structures and programs are being developed, in partnership with Institutes of Higher Education, to support the recruitment and retention of teachers through residency programs.

The project intends to:

  1. increase the number of high-quality teachers serving students with disabilities by providing job-embedded professional development at the state, regional and district levels.
  2. increase the number of students with disabilities who have access to a high-quality teacher by improving recruitment, support and retention of teachers for students with disabilities across the LRE continuum.
  3. improve school transitions and post-school outcomes for students with disabilities through partnerships and collaborations among schools, community agencies, higher education and families in a pre-K-12 system of support by aligning the policies and practices of key educational stakeholders across the lifespan serving students with disabilities.

The project is a funded by the Indiana Department of Education, through a federally funded, five-year State Professional Development Grant (#H323A150004). The project focuses on improved outcomes for students with disabilities through improved teacher quality. The project goals and objectives are grounded in the concept of educational equity for teachers and students. It builds on and supports Indiana’s significant state reform efforts in critical areas such as creating culturally responsive classrooms and supporting teacher and principal effectiveness.